About Us

To us, being a veteran is something to be proud of. But like many veterans out there were humble, thankful, and a little reserved (unless they’re a total moto douche) about the hard work and sacrifices made for our country and military brethren.

Even those of us with the easiest, most cushiest, or rear-d jobs (and all of the Air Force) in the armed forces still had a bad day or two. Maybe they were punished for a broke-dick squadmate. Maybe their platoon sergeant always made them take stupid balls watch. Or maybe the chow hall ran out of double mocha lattes. It didn’t make them hate their life…quite the opposite. It put hair on their chest. Gave them mental toughness. Increased resilience. It made them salty…

That’s what The Salty Veteran is all about. We’ve all got a friend or co-worker that has been around the block, knows what to do, and stretches the limits of acceptable conduct or grooming. But because they’ll get the job done, you’ll take the attitude in stride and maybe give a little in return.

We aim to provide a veritable menu of military themed apparel for veterans and supporters alike that take pride in the United States of America. Some of it funny. Some of patriotic. The rest somewhere in between.

The Salty Veteran apparel is perfectly American, with a hint of funny and a dash of salt.